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Monday, April 03, 2006
Finally...Some Noise

it took ronaldo two months of back to back impressive performances to finally get some recognition.welcome to the premiership.though i thought ronaldo deserved the PFA Fan's Player of the Month award for his performance in february, i'm equally pleased to see him land this honour for his efforts through march.


Ronaldo's top dog in the Premiership

Manchester United's belated surge and chasing down of Premiership leaders Chelsea has been due in no small part to the scintillating form of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been a revelation this year - even by his own high standards.

moving to the whole speculation surrounding ronaldo's future and his supposed desire to move to madrid this summer, i find it amusing that some papers are making a meal of the whole story by printing selected quotes to give the impression that ronaldo has 'opened doors to spanish interests'.i was impressed with ronaldo's honesty when he shared his dream of playing in the spanish league with the entire world, instead of insisting that he'll stay at united for life and then ending up sneaking out the backdoor a few years from now like some footballers.

check out what Manchester Evening News published and compare it to ronaldo's quotes from Sky Sports . the former source has conveniently left out the part where ronaldo says he's only thinking about united at the moment, probably to create a stir.i guess this is what you get for being honest.

i've come across several real madrid fans who would be more than happy to have him play in the white shirt and surprisingly, some of them were even aware of how ronaldo is largely unappreciated in england.people seem to be confident of ronaldo doing well in the spanish league, almost expecting him to do for madrid what ronaldinho did for barcelona and i'm not sure if such high expectations are healthy.

i've said this before and it wouldn't hurt to say it again, i'm completely torn over ronaldo leaving united now or in the immediate future.i'd love to see it happen and at the same time,i'd hate it.maybe i should just listen to ronaldo himself and let things run their course.sigh.

Posted at 09:24 pm by r-revolution

April 4, 2006   12:12 AM PDT
Sorry I have commented on last last few entries, been out. Ronaldo agianst Bolton was a mixed performance. He let his temper get to him a few times, but at the same time put in more than a few good crosses. He did go missing a bit doing the game because his team mates seem to ignore him. Im not to surprised by his comments and spain, every player dreams of playing in spian oneday, but im 100% sure that ronaldo will remain at united till his contract, maybe even longer. I for one want him to remain in England, if he can become a great at united it would be great, I feel if he leaves he will be taking the easy way out. Just some thoughts. Great entry.
April 9, 2006   04:16 PM PDT
hey, this a great blog you have. I have never read a blog that admires Ronaldo as much as you. :)

Well, from now on I will be visit this blog more frequently because I'm a Red Devil's fan!! Hope to read more entries about Ronaldo! Cheerio.
April 10, 2006   11:25 AM PDT
thanks for your kind words :o)

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