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Monday, April 24, 2006
PFA Honour

even though ronaldo was shortlisted for the young player of the year award for the third consecutive year, he didn't come away with an award.but he did manage to land a place in the PFA team of the year...his inclusion has evoked mixed reaction from various quarters, with some ronaldo fans themselves questioning if he deserved to be named as one of the top 11 players in the premiership.i have no complains though, and feel that on his day, he's the best winger in the league.seriously, i can't think of a better player on the right...though i'm a little confused to see him on the left wing in this 'official' formation:

Sky Sports

Posted at 08:54 pm by r-revolution

April 25, 2006   11:59 AM PDT
well, you know how things work in england...
April 26, 2006   06:13 AM PDT
vds should be the gk and where's ferdinand... he's much better than carragher... too bad rvn doesnt get a spot.... well done to ronaldo though... : )
April 26, 2006   01:12 PM PDT
I think it's okay that they put Ronaldo in the left wing... Ronaldo can play in BOTH wings if he wants to... ;-)
July 2, 2006   06:04 PM PDT
maybe ,now the media will stop making out the england squad ,were going to come home with the world cup (formallity)just show up its ours .ha ha tactics ?the manager (puppet)or(muppet)did not have a clue nor did the over-rated squad ,what a pithetic display,they should get a night flight home and slither out of the airportmin disgrace.

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