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Monday, July 03, 2006
An over-reaction if there ever was one.
i apologise for my long absence.i recently got done with my month long exams and was waiting for the right opportunity to make a 'come back'.i haven't felt this passionately about something in a long time and i guess i could'nt have picked a better subject to write on.

i had intended to maintain a record of ronaldo's performances in the world cup but a busy study schedule didn't allow that.i'll probably write a summary of his world cup outing after the tournament is over as i'd rather talk about what we have in our hands right now: ronaldo's vilification by the english press and supporters.i cannot express the extent of my disgust at how ronaldo has been made the scapegoat for the actions of england's pathetic excuse for a professional (read 'wayne rooney').

here's the incident as many neutrals, non-english ronaldo fans and i saw it:
rooney's fighting for the ball with carvalho and petit and the three seem to get into a no point though, is rooney fouled as carvalho and petit both have their eyes on the ball,but rooney does get his arm across carvalho's thigh. carvalho then goes on to lose his balance and the ball bounces to a's at this point that rooney gets his foot on carvalho's groin and the latter is left writhing in pain.the referee blows the whistle and points to england's half, indicating that he's giving a foul portugal's way.
here's where ronaldo gets involved:
since he was only a few yards from the incident (not 40 metres like some bitter english newspaper suggested!), ronaldo gets a clear view of carvalho getting stamped on.seeing that the referee was only pointing for a free-kick (at that moment atleast), ronaldo runs over instinctively and tells the referee something along the lines of "you see that, you see that!" , expressing that the challenge was serious and rightly deserved a yellow card.this is when rooney starts pushing him, to which ronaldo does not react. then we see the referee calling rooney aside and showing him the red card.

anyone who thinks the referee sent off rooney because he was under pressure from ronaldo to do so should have all his or her football viewership rights revoked (if only such a thing existed!).i cannot possibly imagine what ronaldo could've said in his 10 second protest to change the referee's mind.'i know your daughter likes me, and i'll get her pregnant if you don't kick rooney out of the game' is a possibility.on a more serious note, if a protest alone lead to the whole thing, the referee deserves his fair share of lambasting for being a weak character on the field.but that is NOT the case in this incident.i think ronaldo's only fault, if any, was to ask for a yellow card which, mind you, was DESERVED.but none of that excuses rooney's lack of professionalism, stepping on someone's rather sensitive body part (it didn't look all that unintentional to me) and shoving of another player. but the english are overlooking ALL that and putting the blame squarely on ronaldo. i've never seen such sore losers in my life, and i've never felt myself losing respect for any nation like this before.

then comes the whole club-teammate does NOT matter whether you play for the same club or not, if you're friends off the field or not.last time i checked, ronaldo was NOT wearing a united shirt under his portugal jersey.the two were NOT united players out there, but their respective country's prodigious talents.and i simply do not see what was so wrong with what ronaldo did.if the english are saying rooney should've gotten away with attempting to mutilate someone's crown jewels (if they can opine ronaldo 'backstabbed' rooney, i'm free to think what rooney did was intentional), they're the cheats here.martin jol has come out and said rooney's initial challenge wasn't even a have a nation like that whine about diving is rich.gerrard called ronaldo a 'disgrace'.a dirty player who takes opportunistic dives to get penalties and makes two-footed lunges calling ronaldo a 'disgrace' is an example of 'irony' that deserves to grace all english textbooks.
i can honestly say , hand on heart, that i would've reacted the same way as ronaldo. he stood up for his ACTUAL teammate out there and demanded justice, which, though a little unnecessary, is certainly not WRONG.

i've been very disappointed, to some extent even disgusted, at how english united fans reacted.after bringing club into a tournament of international teams, they've sided with the english club player, absolved him of ALL blame and are calling for ronaldo's expulsion.ronaldo deserves much, much better.and i won't be happier than when he leaves manchester united for good.

i think i haven't addressed the 'winking' issue the english, it was ronaldo's cheeky admission to the 'crime' he had just any other observer, it was just a way to communicate with someone, to acknowledge something someone was telling him from the bench, similar to a nod , wave or a raised arm.i could not help laughing at the stupidity of a whole nation as they analysed a wink in an attempt to inculpate ronaldo.

it does get a little amusing though.the english have always looked to vilify someone in order to cope with their '98 it was '04 it was urs meir.'06 it's cristiano see a trend here? they're stooping lower by the day.they started by holding their own player responsible, moved on to the referee and are now targetting opposition players because they're in complete denial of the fact that they're just not good enough.
i cannot feel anything but hate and disgust for a nation called england right now.and they have brought this upon themselves.

Posted at 10:49 am by r-revolution

July 3, 2006   08:11 PM PDT
yes :D
god bless summer hols.
July 3, 2006   10:31 PM PDT
That`s exactly what I think about the whole story... and I'm really glad that there are some other guys out there who think the same!
As you said it, the english just cannot accept the fact that they're not good enough!
Bad, really bad...
July 8, 2006   03:52 AM PDT
So nice to have you back. :)
July 10, 2006   10:36 AM PDT
the english press are b4st4rds. Words cannot express how pissed i am at those whiners.
P.S And yeah, 40metres? Who the heck were they trying to kid? People are not blind.
July 11, 2006   12:07 PM PDT
I have been checking this blog forever during the past, and I am genuinely happy that you're back in business. I would be very pleased and relieved if Cristiano does find his way out of ManUtd because I don't think he would deserve any of the abuse that he would get there come August. I don't think there is a need to call him an ungrateful SOB as the press does, for wanting to leave MU, because the fact remains that they never saw Cristiano as someone superior to their supposed Golden Boy (blaah!) Rooney even if their performance on the pitch suggests otherwise. They have got to grow up and accept the fact that someone out there, who is NOT English, is BETTER than Rooney.
July 19, 2006   09:22 PM PDT
Lol ... phew Samia ur back ... hoping when u wud be back ... Firstly wanna say gud luck 4 ur exams ... Well for CR7 incident in a short way : the English cant simply admit defeat ... and they are blaming CR7 like a recovver for Wayne ... bu sum nesapepers such as the Guardian and Telegrapgh told the truth they never blamed CR7 ... and its disappointing about the "I-Hate-CR7' campaigns especially from the sun and the website itself ...

But atleast he ha good WC and came 2nd in Young Playa of the Year ... still i feel a bit annoyed if Podolski actuallly deserved it??

Or if u wanna chat more abt CR7 and get 2 kno me add me in MSN ...
August 17, 2006   03:13 AM PDT
Glad youre back. when do you think you will post agian?
August 17, 2006   07:09 AM PDT
YEa samia ... when will u post again i mean CR7 return 2 england ...
August 21, 2006   07:49 PM PDT
Would be waiting for ur comments on the new season
December 23, 2006   12:28 PM PST
Hey Samia, Howz it going? Ive seen u posting some replies in the CR17 site, and i jus wanna know if u are gonna continue this blog again! From 2007 would be a g8 idea, but not bothering u, jus u kno i like ur essays. Cheers.

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