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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Time To Set A Few Things Straight
  • Ronaldo does NOT dive

contrary to popular belief, ronaldo has grown out of his diving antics along with his penchant for bright coloured shirts.i admit he was pretty bad in his first season at united but he has definitely cut it out from his game now.yet, the media continues to refer to ronaldo as a player who's prone to diving, a case in point being :"The guy was immense all game and ran the show like a Cristiano Ronaldo, with the fancy footwork, silky tricks and great goals, but without the diving theatrics."

The last time I watched him dive...

i think there's a big difference between going to ground after coming into contact with a player, and collapsing (at times even when there's no contact) and rolling around feigning injury.i've never seen ronaldo do the latter.some may argue that he goes to ground easily but looking at the speed at which he runs and the quickness of his feet, i think the slightest of touches can knock him off his feet.

then comes the issue of how he goes to ground when he does fall.according to my brother, ronaldo going to ground when challenged doesn't bother him as much as the face he makes while response, here's an excerpt from the Scotsman  which, i think , sums up the impractical nature of people's demand for a less theatrical way to go to ground:
During the match between Portsmouth and Manchester United at the weekend, United's Cristiano Ronaldo was tackled as he waltzed through the defence and down he went. Ronaldo is a gifted and exciting player who plays his football as a matador plays his bulls, "close to the horns", and in consequence is always going to invite the attentions of defenders who might not fully appreciate the subtleties of his art.

The commentator didn't seem to be too taken by the subtleties either, for he remarked unfeelingly: "He goes to ground somewhat theatrically." This seemed harsh, for how else is a footballer supposed to go to ground? Or, to put it another way, how does he go to ground untheatrically? When tripped, is he supposed to stiffen, keep his arms close to his sides and fall, tree-like, with thumbs regimentally aligned with the seams of his shorts? As it was, Ronaldo went down in a heap, which seemed perfectly natural to me.

and what's with referees not giving fouls ronaldo's way even when he's flattened or hacked to the ground? are they waiting for him to break a leg or two? if they let the jeers, or the 'diver' tag the media has made almost synonymous with ronaldo,  influence their decisions, i have to say they should be ashamed of themselves for not doing their job the way it should be done.

  • What happened to "giving credit where it's due"?

hearing the sky sports commentators heap rooney with praise during the newcastle game and claim he 'carried united in the last few matches' didn't come as much of a surprise to me.not because it's true, but because that's what they always say regardless of how he reality, even the most ardent of rooney fans would have to admit that he hasn't been playing well in the last 10 games or so.ofcourse, exhaustion is a ready excuse in his case but when we tried defending ronaldo by bringing up his off field troubles which were beyond his control, we were told that we could no longer make excuses for him.

Where's my due?

anyway, i fail to comprehend how the commentators even considered crediting rooney for united's recent wins when he hasn't been the game-winner in any recent matches.people are so quick to forget ronaldo's two braces that won games for united,games in which rooney was non existent.what about his goal and semi assist that sealed a surpise win against wigan.though united lost to blakcburn, ronaldo's persistence got united a second goal and he even had a hand in united's 3rd.who remembers the bolton game where ronaldo and rooney both played extremely well, except that ronaldo scored two goals to add to his great performance.rooney was picked the official man of the match, and there i was thinking that goals count for something. looks like ronaldo will never get enough appreciation, praise or credit even if he leads united to treble glory.that's the way it is.and for that very reason,apart from some exceptions,i'll never take any football-related opinion coming from england seriously.yes, it's my turn to stereotype and generalise.

  • Ronaldo is not the only winger in the team

why does every single person hold ronaldo responsible for ruud's dissatisfaction with the service he receives? yes, he replaced david pin-point-cross-set-piece-guru beckham but that doesn't mean his attributes have to be identical to that of his predecessor.ronaldo brings things to united's game that beckham never offered and i fail to understand why nobody demands early crosses from other wingers in the team like park and giggs.ronaldo is not so one-dimensional to cross the ball into the box every time he receives it on the wing or at the most, run to the by-line before crossing.he wants to take on defenders, cut in and shoot or make a pass into the centre and he has every right in the world to play the way he wants to, instead of succumbing to the pressure of becoming someone he's not. united players and fans have to accept that and enjoy the element of unpredicatibility he brings to the game, instead of whining.

This was a game that taught us very little but confirmed a great deal more. That Wayne Rooney operates on a different frequency to everyone else, that Park Ji Sung and Cristiano Ronaldo are still no nearer to becoming the new Ryan Giggs and David Beckham, that Ruud van Nistelrooy should not be warming the United bench and that talk of Newcastle’s renaissance has been greatly exaggerated.

yes, ronaldo will never be the 'new david beckham' because he has his own identity and thousands of us adore him for just that.and if we were to draw conclusions from one game (as the writer did from the newcastle match), i think we can safely say that ronaldo is the best set piece taker in the world, and rooney should be warming the bench, looking at the fulham game.

  • Not every touch is a trick

well i guess ronaldo can't help looking graceful even when he makes a simple pass but i find it a little tiring when people say he used too many 'tricks' in a game when all he did was pass the ball around.the most recent example that i can cite is the newcastle game where according to users in several forums, ronaldo should've played a more direct game and having sat through the whole match, i couldn't recall one incident where he did a trick when he should've passed the ball.even the sky sports rating endorsed the 'full of tricks' view and i'm still clueless as to why they got that impression when i haven't seen ronaldo use fewer tricks in a game before.

Sky Sports

Posted at 11:56 am by r-revolution

March 17, 2006   12:05 AM PST
Great rant. Can't deny one thing.
March 17, 2006   10:03 AM PST
I agree. This is a great rant. However, don't you think you should cut out some of the parts against Rooney? I would much rather like to think as Ronaldo and Rooney being perfect partners in the future. I would like to see the both of them years from now leading Manchester United jointly, having a wonderful striker-winger relationship, with either of them being striker and winger. Both of them should work well together. And as for those idiots who still think that every single molecule of Ronaldo's footballing has a particular fault, screw them. They'll chew their own asses years from now...
March 17, 2006   10:39 AM PST
i have nothing against rooney, infact i love watching ronaldo and rooney destroy defences together.but only one of them gets the praise and that's unfair imo.i didn't intend to criticise rooney but the people who praise him while ignoring ronaldo's contribution.
March 17, 2006   12:24 PM PST
hmm... You're right... People do seem to shine the spotlight more on rooney than ronaldo... I have to admit, rooney these past few months has been very very good... Ronaldo has had an up and down season... When he reaches a certain level of consistency, I doubt the criticism will be as proliferous as it is now... The promise shown in ronaldo's very talented feet will soon shut his critics one by one... One of these days...

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