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Sunday, March 19, 2006
United vs West Brom

i was pretty satisfied with ronaldo's performance yesterday.he didn't get a touch of the ball in the first 2 to 3 minutes because neville opted to make his usual crosses into the centre (and apparently someone complained on MUTV that ronaldo was ignoring neville's overlapping about irony).but when he did get an opportunity to run with the ball or distribute it, he did a commendable job.the free kicks weren't clicking this game but he seems to be working really hard on getting them right in training.the probabilty of hitting one similar to his goal against fulham is pretty low given the extraordinary swerve that it took, so maybe ronaldo should opt for curving the ball at times, instead of trying to hit it with great power.
i loved the part where he outmuscled inamoto and ran almost 70 yards with the ball before it, unfortunately, ended in the keeper's arms.

Ronaldo with goalscorer Saha

i was relieved to see him use some tricks in the was a welcome change from his 'barren' performance against newcastle.whether it was backpasses or nutmegs, ronaldo spiced up the game with his trademark moves and it's a shame that replays of some of those tricks weren't shown, especially his pass to neville in the 41st minute.

i thought ronaldo had an excellent second half.going past players with extreme ease, making dangerous passes into the box, dispossessing players, initiating quick counter attacks and winning free kicks at threatening areas, he was one point he took on three players and drove a fierce shot at goal.i think he deserved to get atleast one goal but he did get what proved to be the all crucial assist for united's 2nd goal (the match ended 2-1) so all didn't go to was a pleasure watching ronaldo player like that because it has been a while :)

Sky Sports

ronaldo also made it to sky sport's team of the weekend
Sky Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester Utd

The Portugese winger turned on all the tricks but in a disciplined manner and was at times unplayable

Videos clips:
Ronaldo's assist
Ronaldo nutmegs Robinson
Ronaldo nutmegs Greening
Ronaldo's no-look-pass
Ronaldo's clever backheel to Neville
Inamoto eats Ronaldo's dust
Ronaldo takes on three defenders and shoots
Ronaldo dribbles inside the box

all clips courtesy of Carabineri

match compilation by golden boot

and this video is not related to the west brom match but it's a must see:
Ronaldo dancing with the ball in the Portugal dressing room after the KSA match.
isn't he amusing? and he even megged the guy in the suit.

Posted at 05:28 pm by r-revolution

March 19, 2006   10:28 PM PST
cis play very good.thx for all
March 21, 2006   06:36 AM PST
I thought he played well. I hope he makes fox football fridays team of the week. But then agian they are a bunch of tossers.
March 22, 2006   07:23 AM PST
You should right more random blog entries, on ronaldo ofcourse, and on his football. Sort of like Time To Set A Few Things Straight entry. I enjoy reading them. I check everyday. Keep it up!
March 22, 2006   05:24 PM PST
it's nice to know i have loyal visitors like you :D
i did make some random posts earlier like: and and i do plan to make more in the near future but lack of time is the main reason i can't update this blog on a daily basis.

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