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Sunday, April 02, 2006
United vs Bolton

just last wednesday ronaldo looked like he was really enjoying his football, but another incident involving a referee turning a blind eye to a foul on him left ronaldo frustrated and seething with angry ronaldo looks irresistable (from a girl's p-o-v) but one thing's for sure, he isn't half as effective.
ronaldo started brightly (albeit a little late, since neville was back as right back and did his usual 'ignore-ronaldo' routine for the first few minutes).anyway, when ronaldo got the ball and started running at the defenders, he looked unstoppable, and his pin point cross to rooney in the 10th minute or so added a threatening end product to his pacy run.had rooney not fluffed that shot, and saha reacted quicker to a great corner taken by ronaldo from the left, united would've had two more goals in the first half, and ronaldo would've had 2 assists by then.

ronaldo seemed to be closely marked by atleast 2 bolton players the entire first half, one of them being stelios ginakpxznbcxu (pictured above) who had the nerve to ignore all the voices raised against diving recently when he indulged in some theatrics at ronaldo's expense.while the two were fighting for the ball, stelios collapsed and clutched his face like his eye had just been plucked out.sure enough, the referee fell for it and gave a foul against ronaldo...replays showed that ronaldo didn't as much as brush his hand against his wonder ronaldo looked like he could kill the referee.

ronaldo didn't see much of the ball for long stretches of the's like when he loses the ball once, his teammates stop trusting him with it, so he's the last passing option.anyway, one positive build up by united in the second half ended with ronaldo shooting only inches above the bar.the goal keeper hardly reacted

and had the ball gone in, it would've been another long range special from ronaldo.
the clear agitation at decisions going against him showed in ronaldo's play and the referee finally booked him.though ronaldo reacted with a sarcastic applause and you-cant-be-serious smile, the booking seemed to calm him down and after ruud's introduction, ronaldo played with new drive and motivation.he was back to his 'west ham' form and was being a thorn in bolton's defence with his pace and creative dangerous, pin point - okay: beckhamesque- cross from ronaldo could've been poked in by ruud but he appeared to be fouled and his penalty claims were turned down.then ronaldo presented saha with a goal scoring opportunity on a silver platter when he received the ball from ruud, ran to the 18 yard box and made an unselfish pass to saha to leave him one-on-one with the goal keeper but the latter's shot was blocked.ronaldo was denied two more assists.anyway, all's well that ends well and united got the 3 points at the end of the game.

by the way, time's running out for ronaldo to win his 15 goal bet with ferguson.united have 6 more games to play in which ronaldo needs to score 4 more goals to reach his would be awesome if he scored them against arsenal, tottenham and chelsea.

Sky Sports

a few ronaldo clips from yesterday's game thanks to Ronaldo7

after figo 'recommended' ronaldo to real madrid's president, ronaldo has confessed that he's like to play in the spanish league some day:

"If God wants it then one day I will play in the Spanish league," Ronaldo told Marca. "It is one of my aims, but I am just starting out in the game.

Despite the rumours, Ronaldo is in no hurry to leave Old Trafford, where he has a contract until 2010 and insists that he is not distracted by stories linking him with Madrid

"I am playing for one of the biggest clubs and only think about Manchester United," he concluded.

i for one sure want to see ronaldo in the spanish league...just don't know when.

ronaldo, february's Opta player of the month, landed the fifth position in the Opta list for his performance through out march:

Cristiano Ronaldo also enjoyed an impressive March, peppering the opposition goal with a total of 19 attempts and bagging the opening goal in the 2-1 win against Wigan. The wily winger also provided two goal assists as well as setting up 14 goalscoring chances for his team-mates, a divisional high for the month.

Player Club Index Score
Henry Arsenal 2255
Vidic Manchester United 1644
Mendes Portsmouth 1642
Adebayor Arsenal 1516
Ronaldo Manchester United 1483

he set up 14 goal scoring chances...14.of which only two were converted into goals.and people say he has no end product.

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