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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
The Year That Was

it's quite ironic how i have little time to update my blog now that ronaldo is the toast of england.ofcourse, his detractors still exist in every nook and corner, but ronaldo turned around his fortunes in such dramatic fashion that any criticism of him looks baseless now, and not just to his fans.

looking back, his story has been a fairytale of sorts (one that would be complete if united go on to win the premier league and ronaldo gets some personal awards).

at one point i thought he wouldn't be able to survive in england, but he has done a better job surviving than anyone could've possibly predicted. to say he has been on fire this season would be an understatement. i wish i kept a virtual record of his performance this season, match by match, but time didn't permit that (though i haven't been posting regularly, i've watched every match featuring ronaldo this season, so i'm still as fascinated with 'twinkle toes' as ever). anyway, i always considered myself the voice that spoke against all the unfair lambasting he was subjected to, so now that people are dwelling on his positives, i don't have much to whine about :P
the maturity and courage shown by ronaldo after the whole WC incident not only impressed his critics but also propelled him to a near finished product, at the age of 21.the boy who lost his cool when 60,000 benfica fans booed his every touch last season became the man that took the english fans' abuse in his stride and used it to fire him up. i've lost count of matches in which ronaldo shut up opposition fans with a goal/assist/match winning performance this the blackburn away game, the very people who booed him gave him a standing ovation when he was substituted in stoppage time, that's the sort of reaction ronaldo has come to evoke.

judging from the matches played so far, it looks like it's finally ronaldo's time to exact revenge. he marked his return to england with a brace against oxford united in a pre-season friendly, and opened his premiership season with a goal against fulham. since then, there has been no looking back for him.against benfica in the away CL fixture, ronaldo gave a MOTM performance, the same ground where he was booed off and responded with an offensive gesture last season. against manchester city, he scored the 3rd goal, a game in which he was sent off rather harshly last season.


the international front, ronaldo has continued his impressive form for portugal, although their euro 2008 qualifying campaign has been less than perfect.but the wins they registered so far were thanks to cristiano, who scored a brace against azerbaijan and a fine goal against kazakhstan.much was expected from the portuguese NT though, after they reached the semi finals of the world cup.the mention of 'world cup' and 'portugal' conjures up memories of the ridiculous ronaldo hate campaigns spearheaded by the english and a certain FIFA which believes in its 'Fair Play' motto selectively. i remember wanting to address the whole Young Player of the Tournament issue but never got down to writing anything about it except in a forum i frequent. zidane got away with a shocking headbutt and ended up with the Player of the Torunament award, ronaldo apparently didn't get any recognition for 'disciplinary' reasons even though he was the best young player by a country mile. i wonder who decides which action breaches FIFA 'fair play' laws. the whole thing's pretty old so i'm not too keen on bringing it up again but the manner in which ronaldo has been treated by certain parties is disappointing.

i'm not attempting to recap this entire year in one post so i've probably missed out a few defining moments. i might blog more often in 2007, and i have a feeling it'll be cristiano's year.

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Monday, July 03, 2006
An over-reaction if there ever was one.
i apologise for my long absence.i recently got done with my month long exams and was waiting for the right opportunity to make a 'come back'.i haven't felt this passionately about something in a long time and i guess i could'nt have picked a better subject to write on.

i had intended to maintain a record of ronaldo's performances in the world cup but a busy study schedule didn't allow that.i'll probably write a summary of his world cup outing after the tournament is over as i'd rather talk about what we have in our hands right now: ronaldo's vilification by the english press and supporters.i cannot express the extent of my disgust at how ronaldo has been made the scapegoat for the actions of england's pathetic excuse for a professional (read 'wayne rooney').

here's the incident as many neutrals, non-english ronaldo fans and i saw it:
rooney's fighting for the ball with carvalho and petit and the three seem to get into a no point though, is rooney fouled as carvalho and petit both have their eyes on the ball,but rooney does get his arm across carvalho's thigh. carvalho then goes on to lose his balance and the ball bounces to a's at this point that rooney gets his foot on carvalho's groin and the latter is left writhing in pain.the referee blows the whistle and points to england's half, indicating that he's giving a foul portugal's way.
here's where ronaldo gets involved:
since he was only a few yards from the incident (not 40 metres like some bitter english newspaper suggested!), ronaldo gets a clear view of carvalho getting stamped on.seeing that the referee was only pointing for a free-kick (at that moment atleast), ronaldo runs over instinctively and tells the referee something along the lines of "you see that, you see that!" , expressing that the challenge was serious and rightly deserved a yellow card.this is when rooney starts pushing him, to which ronaldo does not react. then we see the referee calling rooney aside and showing him the red card.

anyone who thinks the referee sent off rooney because he was under pressure from ronaldo to do so should have all his or her football viewership rights revoked (if only such a thing existed!).i cannot possibly imagine what ronaldo could've said in his 10 second protest to change the referee's mind.'i know your daughter likes me, and i'll get her pregnant if you don't kick rooney out of the game' is a possibility.on a more serious note, if a protest alone lead to the whole thing, the referee deserves his fair share of lambasting for being a weak character on the field.but that is NOT the case in this incident.i think ronaldo's only fault, if any, was to ask for a yellow card which, mind you, was DESERVED.but none of that excuses rooney's lack of professionalism, stepping on someone's rather sensitive body part (it didn't look all that unintentional to me) and shoving of another player. but the english are overlooking ALL that and putting the blame squarely on ronaldo. i've never seen such sore losers in my life, and i've never felt myself losing respect for any nation like this before.

then comes the whole club-teammate does NOT matter whether you play for the same club or not, if you're friends off the field or not.last time i checked, ronaldo was NOT wearing a united shirt under his portugal jersey.the two were NOT united players out there, but their respective country's prodigious talents.and i simply do not see what was so wrong with what ronaldo did.if the english are saying rooney should've gotten away with attempting to mutilate someone's crown jewels (if they can opine ronaldo 'backstabbed' rooney, i'm free to think what rooney did was intentional), they're the cheats here.martin jol has come out and said rooney's initial challenge wasn't even a have a nation like that whine about diving is rich.gerrard called ronaldo a 'disgrace'.a dirty player who takes opportunistic dives to get penalties and makes two-footed lunges calling ronaldo a 'disgrace' is an example of 'irony' that deserves to grace all english textbooks.
i can honestly say , hand on heart, that i would've reacted the same way as ronaldo. he stood up for his ACTUAL teammate out there and demanded justice, which, though a little unnecessary, is certainly not WRONG.

i've been very disappointed, to some extent even disgusted, at how english united fans reacted.after bringing club into a tournament of international teams, they've sided with the english club player, absolved him of ALL blame and are calling for ronaldo's expulsion.ronaldo deserves much, much better.and i won't be happier than when he leaves manchester united for good.

i think i haven't addressed the 'winking' issue the english, it was ronaldo's cheeky admission to the 'crime' he had just any other observer, it was just a way to communicate with someone, to acknowledge something someone was telling him from the bench, similar to a nod , wave or a raised arm.i could not help laughing at the stupidity of a whole nation as they analysed a wink in an attempt to inculpate ronaldo.

it does get a little amusing though.the english have always looked to vilify someone in order to cope with their '98 it was '04 it was urs meir.'06 it's cristiano see a trend here? they're stooping lower by the day.they started by holding their own player responsible, moved on to the referee and are now targetting opposition players because they're in complete denial of the fact that they're just not good enough.
i cannot feel anything but hate and disgust for a nation called england right now.and they have brought this upon themselves.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
OPTA Team of the Season

yes, our ronaldo has made it to the team :D

Source: SkySports

i wonder what others have to say about the alleged bust up between ruud and ronaldo.if there's any truth to those things that ruud told ronaldo, i have to say i'm very disappointed with the former's childish behaviour and there's no excuse for picking on your teammates like that.i've always liked ruud and it looked like he and ronaldo got along great together...till this season i.e. .i dont know why i get the impression that ronaldo is seen as an easy target by his teammates.i always see giggs and neville shouting at him on the field even though others make silly mistakes all the time.and now these alleged bust ups with ruud in training. and i don't understand why the papers are trying to create a direct link between that argument with ronaldo and ruud's departure.if anything, the whole situation was created with ruud being dropped from the first team.he wasn't happy with that and ferguson had his reasons. anyway, i would've been happier if ronaldo was left out of this whole thing.

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Monday, May 08, 2006
All's Well That Ends Well...Almost!

ah well, another season comes to an end.wasn't it just yesterday that united played the season opener against everton, and i was all worked up because ronaldo didn't feature in the game due to a slight injury.this probably wasn't the ideal season given that united didn't win the title, but with all the setbacks that the team had to face, coupled with an almost non-existent midfield, second spot is pretty good!

i sat through an uninterrupted first half but my brother insisted on following the second half of other games so i only caught bits of united's last 35 minutes.while i maintain that ronaldo can still do a LOT better, he had a pretty productive first half.neville continued his 'ignore ronaldo' routine (i think he passed the ball to ronaldo only about two or three times in the game) and at times ronaldo moved to a more central position.i think fans of ronaldo's trickery and skills (like myself) would be disappointed with his (largely) no-nonsense showing in the last couple of games.i was honestly expecting him to showboat for our pleasure, given that united were leading comfortably before half time, but i just have this feeling that he's saving the best for the world cup.he opted for a lot of simple passes yesterday, and while many may hail that as a sign of maturity and willingness to play with the team, i honestly enjoy watching the ball-hogging ronaldo, as long as he makes the right passes in the end.anyway, i was pretty excited when ronaldo stepped up to take a free kick from 35 yards out and though it didn't hit the back of the net, it was a pretty good shot.

ronaldo was involved, to various degrees, in all three first half goals.saha's headed goal was a result of a corner won by ronaldo.after doing well to control the ball initially, ronaldo's weak, delfected shot seemed to let him down.but the resulting corner opened the scoring for united.then ronaldo scored himself.a giggs pass found ronaldo in the 6 yard box and he slotted the ball home from close range.i was pleased to see him score on the last day of the season, and while he didn't actually  win the 15 goal bet he had with SAF, 12 goals and 7 assists is an impressive stat, especially when you consider how his season started and all his off-field problems.the third united goal was a result of a charlton defensive mistake (an own goal) but ronaldo was the only united player in the box at that time and he was the one to put the defenders under pressure.another impressive play from ronaldo was his run down the right wing, he went past three players using his pace and i remember standing up with my mouth open, in anticipation of what would follow.ronaldo decided to cross into the box and the ball was eventually headed away by a defender, but it would've been a great assist had saha or rossi got on the end of the ball, or a great individual goal if ronaldo had opted to go for goal by himself.speaking of individual efforts, richardson kinda reminded me of ronaldo with that shot and shirtless celebration.even the commentator thought it was ronaldo but i could tell from the hair that it was richardson, good for me or i would've gotten all excited for no reason :D

can't wait for next season,though things might be different then as i'll be in university.i wish ronaldo great success...though it may not be possible for me to witness his progress as regularly as i can's to the future:


Ronaldo's goal (2-0)
Nice backheel
Ronaldo's run down the right wing
thanks to: footyfanatic

on a slightly different note, RTP recently featured ronaldo in its 'Exclusivo Mundial' show and we got to see ronaldo's home (at manchester), meet his cousin and brother in law, hear him sing along to BPT's Moody and watch him do some great tricks in his backyard. in short, this is a MUST SEE.

Click here to download
thanks to bS-7

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
United vs Boro

oops, i'm getting a little lazy with my entries. i guess the season end couldn't have come at a better time since my exams are around the corner and i need to get some serious studying underway.anyway, back to the topic and it was yet another disappointing draw when united could've easily bagged three points at home against boro.i was expecting ronaldo to definitely start with rooney injured but SAF had other plans and did the same mistake ( was a mistake imo) of benching ronaldo just like in the away boro game earlier in the season, which united lost 4-1 (ronaldo came off the bench to pull back a goal then).while many insisted that ronaldo was dropped for his performance against chelsea, i don't think that excuse was good enough for preferring evra over ronaldo.and what was park and giggs doing on the field then?
the first half was drab and i think i dozed off around the 35th minute. when i next opened my eyes, ronaldo and richardson were coming on and my usual reaction was time to watch the game! ronaldo's initial relegation to the bench became more mistifying as the game sprung to life after his inclusion.his 50 yard run and shot that was well saved by the boro keeper seemed to promise a scoreline in united's favour.he again skipped past a defender and took another shot from distance, which was close but off-target.then came the turning point of the game when united won a an attempt to prevent a corner ball from reaching ronaldo, a boro defender handled the ball in the 18 yard box.the resulting penalty though, was saved by the boro keeper there went the two points.

Ronaldo vs Middlesbrough by footyfanatic

moving on to something more recent, in last night's end of season awards' party, ronaldo landed the United Goal of the Season award for his 'howitzer' against portsmouth in february.i voted for that goal myself and i'm glad he won it.details :


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Monday, May 01, 2006

i was putting off making an entry on the chelsea game for as long as i could.i didn't want to re-live that experience again.infact, for the last two days i've been 'hiding' ...i'm avoiding the forums and message boards i normally frequent 4- 5 times a day because i don't want to be reminded of the game.i don't think i have much to say about how the match itself was played.ronaldo was given the physical treatment and this time, he decided to dish out some physical challenges of his own, leading to a booking.i still maintain that lampard fouled ronaldo before the first many times have we seen a player use an illegal challenge to get the ball from ronaldo, only for the referee to turn a blind eye to the foul and allow the opposing team to score a goal.and how many times have we seen ronaldo shoulder the blame, be labelled the culprit, and get singled out for criticism when the entire first team - comprising of some veterans and the "white pele" (btw, get well soon) -underperforms or disappears.


i don't know why certain things i say always come back to bite me.just before the start of the second half, i came across the first half stats for joe cole and ronaldo and was pleased to see that ronaldo had a better half with 14 completed passes and1 shot on target, compared to cole's 2 completed passes and 0 shots on goal.maybe i should've kept that discovery to myself 'cause not long after i boasted about those facts to my brother, joe cole did what is usually synonymous with ronaldo: stepovers and going shirtless after scoring a crucial should've been ronaldo's lightning quick stepovers and toned body on the tv screen...not cole's i-only-do-it-in-my-own-half-at-snail's-pace version and that rather flabby, pale torso.*sigh*.

when i saw that nistelrooy was coming on, i was pretty sure he was going to replace park, and you can guess i wasn't amused to see ronaldo getting subbed off early in the second half when he was playing better than park, and even giggs.but maybe ferguson's decision was a blessing in disguise...the quite physical nature of the match could've led to an ugly injury...i don't want ANYTHING to jeopardise his world cup, he has a point to prove and i have some scores to settle.

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Monday, April 24, 2006
PFA Honour

even though ronaldo was shortlisted for the young player of the year award for the third consecutive year, he didn't come away with an award.but he did manage to land a place in the PFA team of the year...his inclusion has evoked mixed reaction from various quarters, with some ronaldo fans themselves questioning if he deserved to be named as one of the top 11 players in the premiership.i have no complains though, and feel that on his day, he's the best winger in the league.seriously, i can't think of a better player on the right...though i'm a little confused to see him on the left wing in this 'official' formation:

Sky Sports

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Monday, April 17, 2006
That's More Like It!

delighted with ronaldo's response after last match's disappoinment.i think i would've had a nervous breakdown if he didn't show up for this game.nowadays i'm so worried if a trick would come off or if he'll get past his marker or not that i almost forget why i became such a huge fan of his in the first place.he's all about generating excitement and brining spectators to the edge of their seats and watching him play today, i was reminded of that ronaldo and it brought a smile to my face.


ronaldo looked charged up and ready to take on defenders right from kick-off and that's always a good sign.not to say that he doesn't put effort into every game but he seemed especially determined to get things right in this one.i think the first half saw a deadly mix of ronaldo's many attributes: delightful skills, amazing pace, heading ability and assisting goals.united took the lead inside the opening 10 minutes and ronaldo was the architect.after a tottenham corner was cleared, ronaldo received the ball near the edge of united's 18 yard box and ran forward with a defender tagging along.he passed the ball to ruud and kept running and ruud's return pass seemed to be heading out for a goal kick but ronaldo's pace helped him get to it just in time and make an outstanding pass from the left, with his right foot, to rooney in the 6 yard just had to look at ronaldo's fist thumping reaction to see how happy he of his skills were treated to some delightful footwork...the wasteful nature of his skills in the last match didn't discourage him from using them again and it's good to see that he's always optimistic.i remember him turning a tottenham defender inside out and then finding park with a no-look-pass.then there was his lightning fast stepovers that made david's later attempt look ,umm, amateurish.his tricks also had purpose today as i recall him sending silvestre free with one backheel and getting the ball to a teammate in a tight situation.

the second half saw tottenham dominate possession so ronaldo wasn't really getting much of the ball or pushing forward.but i remember him making a clever run into the box where he received the ball from giggs and while his first touch was great, he ended up shooting over the bar.a commendable effort nonetheless 'cause it's not often that you see ronaldo making those striker-like runs.he spent most of the time in united's half trying to defend...i've seen him cover players but him closing down someone running with the ball is a rare sight for some reason.i'm not saying that he has to do that but maybe some fans would like him better if he did.maybe they'll stop their incessant 'rooney rooney' chants and for once take ronaldo's name. or maybe not, 'cause whether he scored and they're cheering him or he's playing bad and they're trying to encourage him, all i ever hear is rooney chants. anyway, i'm not going to spoil my current mood by brooding over's hoping we see similar impressive performances from ronaldo in the remaining fixtures.

some video clips thanks to footyfanatic:

Ronaldo assists United's opener
Impressive skill
Trick pass
Backheel to Silvestre

Ronaldo vs Tottenham compilation by nox

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Saturday, April 15, 2006
What The Hell Was That ?!

i can't begin to explain how angry and disgusted i feel right now. last night's game was unbelievably painful to watch, and to think i stayed up late for that, when i had an important test today morning.i don't claim to be precognitive but before the match, i thought to myself that this could well be a lots-of-possession-but-no-goals encounter and unfortunately, i was right.ronaldo frustrated me a lot, i was ready to tear into him today in my entry but reading what the media wrote about his performance changed my mind.he has been labelled the 'culprit'. would you believe that? when the whole team was sloppy, wasteful and sub-par? i f*cking hate the english media.there, i said it.


as for the actual match,i don't know where to was basically a childish performance by united in the first half and as an 'arm-chair' fan, it was even more frustrating for me as i couldn't scream my lungs out at the players for their stupidity.i've lost count of the number of times ronaldo made space for himself, ran the length of the field, got himself into dangerous positions but was completely ignored by his teammates. rooney was visibly selfish and opted to shoot from all over the place instead of feeding the ball to an unmarked ronaldo, you could tell ronaldo was livid. but then again, ronaldo really didn't help himself.when he did get the ball, he seemed uncertain of what to do with it.but that still doesn't excuse rooney's and other's decision to not give ronaldo the ball when he's right infront of the goal, unmarked.and what's with the close-ups of ronaldo? i remember seeing several replays of ronaldo falling in the penalty area and it looked like an honest slip, infact he didn't even appeal for a penalty, but it seemed like the replays were shown just to suggest that ronaldo was diving when that clearly wasn't the case.i don't recall seeing replays of park tumbling and rolling when he was touched so what the hell are they trying to prove?

i thought the team played a more mature second half but it still wasn't enough for a win.ronaldo for once was given a pass at the proper time and he shot at goal, but the sunderland goalkeeper blocked it in time.i don't remember much details but ronaldo seemed to put in more effort and i recall him winning balls a few times.anyway, i was too ticked off by then to really concentrate on the game.i was waiting for a miracle of sorts, some magic from ronaldo that would win the match.but nothing came.sometimes i wonder if it's wrong to expect so much from his as ferguson said after the game...but i feel he's capable of all that and much more.


Predictably, Ronaldo was the worst culprit. Every time the ball reached the Portugal winger, he appeared to look upon it as a chance to experiment.

Ryan Giggs, a gnarled veteran of dogged championship fights and hardly lacking in ability himself, felt it necessary to admonish his young team-mate at one stage and it was Ronaldo who got robbed by Justin Hoyte to start the move which ended with Jonathan Stead turning a fine chance into the side-netting.

Ronaldo was denied two glorious goalscoring chances by his own team-mates, with Ruud van Nistelrooy intercepting one Wayne Rooney pass before it reached the winger. Then Rooney himself ignored his better-placed team-mate in the final minute of the first-half, although he did force a fingertip save from Kelvin Davis.

"predictably".it's manchesteronline with their usual anti-ronaldo bollocks.i remember when they gave him a 6! after his perfomance against fulham at OT where he scored a brace and even added that he 'lacked end product'.hello, what were those two goals.after a lot of protest by more sensible fans, they did change the rating but that was their actual attitude towards's funny how they mention that ronaldo was denied two clear goal scoring chances by teammates and still hold him responsible for the unexpected draw.what about rooney's selfishness and ruud's poor first touches and lack of finishing? giggs's two skyed free kicks? it's always ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo when something goes wrong.screw the english press.

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Friday, April 14, 2006
Video Update!

new ronaldo interviews and clips have been piling up for the last two days so here's a video update:

Ronaldo's Sky Sports Interview

Youtube - thanks to anjumfz
Ronaldo receives his PFA award and talks about his future and in the end, you'll catch him speaking in english about the weather in Manchester...his english has improved immensely and he doesn't forget to mention his trademark phrase: 'I am very happy'!

Gillette FIFA 2006 World Cup Preview Show - Ronaldo interview

Youtube   Megaupload - thanks to anjumfz
Ronaldo talks about his debut for Portugal at the young age of 18 and his ambitions as a footballer.You can also catch some nifty skills by ronaldo while training with Portugal...check out his no-look-pass.Can't wait to see him assist a goal like that in a real match.

Football ' Tennis' featuring Ronaldo and Deco

Google Video
No it's not the latest Nike ad.Ronaldo, Deco and other members of the Portuguese NT take part in a football-tennis session.These guys seem to eat,sleep and breath football.This is the newest 'candid' video coming from the Portuguese dressing room after Ronaldo's dance routine...wonder if they tape it themselves to put it up on the net.

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