Entry: United vs Boro Thursday, May 04, 2006


oops, i'm getting a little lazy with my entries. i guess the season end couldn't have come at a better time since my exams are around the corner and i need to get some serious studying underway.anyway, back to the topic and it was yet another disappointing draw when united could've easily bagged three points at home against boro.i was expecting ronaldo to definitely start with rooney injured but SAF had other plans and did the same mistake (yeah...it was a mistake imo) of benching ronaldo just like in the away boro game earlier in the season, which united lost 4-1 (ronaldo came off the bench to pull back a goal then).while many insisted that ronaldo was dropped for his performance against chelsea, i don't think that excuse was good enough for preferring evra over ronaldo.and what was park and giggs doing on the field then?
the first half was drab and i think i dozed off around the 35th minute. when i next opened my eyes, ronaldo and richardson were coming on and my usual reaction followed.it was time to watch the game! ronaldo's initial relegation to the bench became more mistifying as the game sprung to life after his inclusion.his 50 yard run and shot that was well saved by the boro keeper seemed to promise a scoreline in united's favour.he again skipped past a defender and took another shot from distance, which was close but off-target.then came the turning point of the game when united won a penalty.in an attempt to prevent a corner ball from reaching ronaldo, a boro defender handled the ball in the 18 yard box.the resulting penalty though, was saved by the boro keeper again.so there went the two points.

Ronaldo vs Middlesbrough by footyfanatic

moving on to something more recent, in last night's end of season awards' party, ronaldo landed the United Goal of the Season award for his 'howitzer' against portsmouth in february.i voted for that goal myself and i'm glad he won it.details : ManUtd.com



May 5, 2006   08:11 AM PDT
I was watching it on MUTV. Very nice for Ronaldo, because this trophy is came from Man United Fans (majority) all over the world.
And it's great too that Denis Law handed on the trophy to Ronaldo.
And as always Ronaldo gave the answer "I AM VERY HAPPY" :))
September 27, 2016   01:39 AM PDT
it was a good game, my friends and as always drinking beer while his wife prepared a delicious snack

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